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lundi, juin 09, 2008

Celsius V5 Presentation by Mobile Distillery

Mobile Distillery is pleased to invite you to the Worldwide preview of its next generation tools for developing and automatic porting of mobile applications across more than 1000 devices in a few clicks!

Based on 7 years’ experience in mobile technologies, Mobile Distillery will be introducing Celsius 5 and its Parametric Mobile Development® & Porting approach, a paradigm shift which will considerably simplify and accelerate the development of your mobile applications whilst opening up major new prospects for the Mobile Industry.

Celsius 5 in key points:
- next generation of the award winning automated porting suite of Mobile Distillery,
- built on all the strengths of previous versions: Java ME based to enable mass market reach, one source code process, open/plug-in architecture...
- new and innovative development oriented architecture, based on tight integration with NetBeans and Eclipse, including auto-completion and code analyzer,
- enhanced documentation,
- integration of Brew devices for Automatic Brew porting,
- bug fixes database,
- high connectivity management,
- direct access to Alembic, the largest certified database of Java handset characteristics and behaviors,and more...

With this innovative architecture based on Mobile Distillery’s unique Parametric Profiling methodology, Celsius 5 takes developers one step further towards device agnostic development and allows them to automatically port and backfill their mobile applications. It also introduces the key concept of reduction of number of binary versions, the proliferation of which plagues mobile testing and deployment.

Celsius 5 will be previewed during a series of International events starting mid-June in Asia, and ending in September in the US during the CTIA Wireless Event.

To confirm your attendance, please let us know at:

- Singapore presentation – June 18th: communicasia08@mobile-distillery.com
- Paris presentation – June 24th: pariscelsius5@mobile-distillery.com

and join the hundreds of International customers who are using our software solutions from entertainment corporations, mobile marketing agencies, to web specialists, IT service companies, Games publishers, through developers and system integrators across the mobile application ecosystem.

See you there!
Best regards,
The Mobile Distillery Team

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